Assorted set kit Alice snood and Aimée headband – Ecru

The first M’Toinette kits are available! In collaboration with Petite Biche Rose, the Alice snood is knitted by combining two yarns: 4 balls of BB Merino quality from Fonty, with 3 balls of Algasoie quality from Plassard.

It is intended for beginners who knows knitting process, plain stitches and purl stitches.

Available in three colors to match your outfits, the headband and snood are also available independently.

The kit contains four BB Merino quality pink balls from Fonty, three Algasoie quality ecru balls from Plassard, as well as an explanatory booklet (french). It is knitted with 4.5 needles, not supplied in the kit. The snood measures 140 cm to be worn in double turns.