Plassard 186 – Layette – Kids – Spring / Summer 2024

Thanks to this new sibling collection, you will be able to have a great time combining knitting and crochet, colors and materials, with models ranging from 0-3 months to 14 years!

Play with stripes by knitting a pretty sailor shirt with Balia from Plassard, a 100% natural yarn in a cotton/linen/hemp blend.

Experiment with fancy stitches with a cheerful crochet romper or a vitamin-packed top, both made of Desirada, a 100% cotton pop yarn.

Dare to be Barbada’s shine with a seamless t-shirt that’s easy to make and perfect to start with, or a crochet blanket that will look great to accompany a birth.

And for fans of multicolor yarns, make the granny and crochet tops sing with Santurina, a low-cost yarn that will give an arty style to the looks of your young and old!

So this summer we’re going to smile and sing, knit and crochet, with yarns and patterns that we hope will inspire you and stimulate your creativity!

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